• Information leakage?

  • Industrial spying?

  • Financial misconduct?

  • Social security fraud?

These questions effects the overall business of a company. Through private investigation most of them can be solved even prior causing real trouble. 

Business investigation is not a luxury of multinational corporations. 

A well defined investigation process can cost effectively save more than money to even small sized enterprises. Just think about the harm to the reputation of your company caused by fraud or information leaking. Partners and / or employees causing a rip of reputation may act unintentionally. By their simple behavior or lifestyle they can convey a wrong message. On the other hand, sometimes they don’t even realize the damage caused by extended sick leave, or an altered CV. 

Cybersecurity concerns most of the business owners but a regular check on the key people is mostly neglected. 

At Koba Detective Office we have a solution for all business related topics. With over 10 years of experience and extended international network the Office provides its services not only in Hungary but beyond the borders as well. 


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